Why study in Germany?

Germany is the most populous country in Europe and has the fourth largest economy in the world.  Alongside a fascinating culture and a storied history, Germany is a leader in innovative endeavors in engineering, science, and research.  With extensive state funding of educational institutions, Germany boasts of some of the best universities and establishments of higher learning.  Located in central Europe, Germany allows for easy access and communications with other major European capitals.  It is also home to some of the leading companies and financial institutions: Bosch, Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW, Nivea, Siemens, Allianz, and Deutsche Bank to name a few.   Home to vibrant cities and multitude of cultural fests, Germany is an ideal location for students to gain an excellent education and memorable experiences.


Known as the ‘Start-Up Capital’ and the ‘Capital of the Arts,’ Berlin is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and people. The city has a rich history that is still being preserved and many excursions and field trips around the city ensure that visitors have ways of learning its history. On the flip side the capital also has the most number of youngsters and students in any German city which means the vibe in Berlin is always trendy and hip. This would also be the reason why Berlin is considered the startup hub since many entrepreneurial endeavors have found their roots here. Also in comparison to other major cities such as Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg, Berlin is very affordable. Germany’s capital is a fast-pace, growing metropolis that also has the vibe of an easy-going, relaxed town.


The Studienkolleg functions as a ‘bridge’ between secondary education and university studies.  Also, it can help students to adjust from the academic culture of their home country to the academic culture in German educational institutions.  Studienkollegs offer courses tailored to the needs of international students, in order to prepare them for further studies in the German system.  Highly qualified educators and administrative experts work with students to design the right path for success in Germany